"STCW 95" and "2010 Manila Amendments" Courses 
There are 4 basic courses which form the backbone of the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping) system. These are listed below and can be completed as individual modules or as a block. There is an additional module (Proficiency in Security Awareness) if you intend to work onboard a vessel covered by ISPS code such as a Super Yacht, Cruise Ship or merchant vessel over 500 GRT. There are discounts available if completing them as a block. We are proud to be an established MCA approved training provider offering this service and can cater for up to 20 personnel at each session. 
This course is 5 days in duration with all five days "under one roof" at our training venue in Plymouth..  
During the course you will fulfill the requirements for STCW regulations by completing : Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Elementary First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques , Basic Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention (and Proficiency in Security Awareness if required.) 
Upon Completion of the programme you will be issued with a "Combined Basic Training Certificate" which will allow you to be engaged 
in employment onboard a Commercial or Merchant Vessel. 
COST: £850 (PST, FIRE, PSSR, EFA) with a FREE Proficiency in Security Awareness course if required 
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STCW 95 PST Course
STCW 95 Fire-fighting
STCW 95 Basic Firefighting
STCW 95 Fire-fighting
Fire-fighting Breathing Apparatus
STCW Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities 
PSSR is a course offering new and experienced crew members the basic health and safety advice required on modern and traditional vessels. It covers basic hazards, personal protective equipment, general health and safety advice and general and emergency routines which you might come across. 
Duration: ½ Day 
STCW Basic Fire prevention and fire fighting 
The facility used for this course is also used by the Fire Service to conduct their training 
The course gives the knowledge of the ways in which fires are caused and the precautions to be taken to minimise the risk of fires in ships. It involves considerable practical fire fighting and includes: 
* Response to emergency situations involving fires 
* Fire fighting and fire extinguishing using portable equipment 
* The use of breathing apparatus 
* Act as an effective member of a fire fighting party 
Duration: 2 Days 
Cost £540 
STCW Personal Survival Techniques 
Personal Survival Techniques is the STCW name for Sea Survival. This course is a mandatory requirement for commercial fishermen and offshore commercial boatmen including merchant seamen and Super-yacht crews. Quite similar to the RYA Sea Survival course, we teach you the necessary skills to survive if you are ever unlucky enough to have to abandon ship with more emphasis on the evacuation systems fitted to personnel and hazardous cargo ships. You will get the opportunity to wear a survival suit and experience the equipment fitted to most merchant ships.  
Duration: 1 Day 
Cost £120 
STCW Elementary First Aid 
STCW Elementary First Aid is one of the four compulsory commercial modules required to work on larger vessels. It is internationally recognised and goes into more depth than the RYA First Aid at Sea. Covers CPR, breaks & splints, bandaging, drowning and hypothermia and much more. 
Duration: 1 Day 
Cost: £120 
Proficiency in Security Awareness 
Proficiency in Security Awareness is a course offering new and experienced crew members the basic information required to carry out security duties onboard and help you to have a heightened security awareness. The International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) code outlines the need for security and vigilance onboard merchant vessels of all sizes. This course aims to ensure you can: 
report a security incident, including a piracy or armed robbery threat or attack; 
know the procedures to follow when they recognise a security threat ; and 
take part in security-related emergency and contingency procedures. 
The course is compulsory for all new crew members and for existing crew members unless they have had at least six months documented sea service on an approved vessel between 1st January 2009 and 1st January 2012 or already hold the SSO or CSO qualification. Full details are in MIN 472-2 
We currently run this course as a stand alone module or as part of our Basic Training package 
Duration: ½ Day 
Cost: £80 when taken as a single course 
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