RYA Diesel Engine Course 
Diesel engines are the simplest engine ever designed; there are some basic precautions to keep them running and some straightforward routines to follow if they break down. 
The RYA Diesel Engine course teaches you how an engine works, the maintenance required to make it reliable and economical and how to carry out basic repairs if the engine stops.  
This is one of those courses! You don't think you need it until your engine fails in a Force 7 near a lee shore. Official times for rescue vary but you can bank on about 30 minutes for a lifeboat or helicopter but about 10 minutes to get your engine running again - the difference between being shipwreceked or safe! 
This is a 1 day course in which you will learn how to clean fuel filters, identify potential faults, change a cooling water impeller, chnage your oil (saving ┬ús each time) and feel confident if something causes your engine to fail 
Courses are run on an infrequent basis, please call or email us for next course dates 
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