Master 200GRT Oral Preparation Course 
This course is held periodicaly to allow candidates that hold the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore/ Yachtmaster Ocean to be internationaly recognised under the STCW-95 Convention as a Master of vessels upto 200GRT with no restriction on LOA or as an Officer of the Watch(OOW) on a vessel up to 500GRT 
The format of the course is a classroom setting with an experienced Master taking the group through example questions and exam scenareos and covering any weak points as you go.  
Testing on the International Rules for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea is inclusive and by the and of the course you should expect to have an extreamly high level of understanding in the subject. 
Prior reading and learing is a must and on booking you will recieve a copy of recomended course material, we can provide further material if required. 
STCW-95 GMDSS General Operators Certificate 
This course is a Pre-requisite for all MCA Deck Certifications of Master 200 / OOW 500 and above. This is also a requirement for Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean Commercial Candidates. 
A minimum VHF/SRC certification. Knowledge of the phonetic alphabet. Computer keyboard literate.  
Course content: 
An intensive course of study involving the use of computer simulation and live equipment. 
Practical application sessions are used to allow the candidate to put into practice the knowledge and skills developed whilst on the course. 
Mock examination papers are set as homework in preparation for the written examinations. 
The course covers three main areas:  
• Regulations and procedures,  
• Demonstration and maintenance of equipment, 
• ‘Safety of Life at Sea’ and practical operations. 
The certificate qualifies the holder to operate a suitably licensed marine radiotelephony, radio telex or satellite mobile earth station. 
The course allows the candidate to acquire detailed practical knowledge of the equipment of a ships station, Digital Selective Calling (DSC), the principles of Narrow Band Direct Printing, Telex over Radio Systems and to INMARSAT systems. 
Operational procedures and practices and the satisfactory exchange of communications relevant to the safety of life at sea are also covered in the syllabus. 
Commercial Endorsements  
A Commercial endorsement is required by law if you are using your qualification for work or accepting payment for use of your boat etc. The current processing fee made by the RYA is £25.  
The following RYA qualifications can be commercially endorsed:  
Powerboat - Level 2 & Advanced  
Sail & Motor - Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster, Yachtmaster Ocean  
A commercial endorsement requires you to take a Sea Survival course and pass a medical. The medical can be either an ML5 which is conducted by your GP or an ENG1 conducted by an MCA approved Doctor and is required if you are working in Category 0 and 1 waters (over 60 miles from a safe haven).  
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